Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Busy Life

Things are busy. Life is always busy, but this may be the busiest.

We're moving. This time we're moving into a house that we're having built, which isn't built and won't be finished until after 6 weeks after we move. Problematic, yes. 

We also had a LOT of family visit for a while, managed to make supper to feed 13 people. I feel I can take on almost anything. Well, except for one of those crazy Food Network shows where they feed thousands of people with an hour prep or something similar. 

Since our family were here within two months of the Monsters second birthday, we decided to celebrate early. The fact that we'll be homeless during his official birthday may have weighed in on this decision as well. 

It was a lot of fun, since the Monster is Toy Story obsessed, and Buzz in particular it was what we focused our attention on for the party. Although, I really wish I could have taken more time to REALLY decorate, other plans and worries took prescience. 

Although we did manage to get a beautiful cake from one of the youth my husband works with, and her mom. Check it out!

We were super pleased! And I was major grateful not to have to try and make it myself, certainty didn't have the time or patience the past while. 

Some beautiful family that we don't get to see often (since they live on the other side of the country) were happy to get to celebrate an occasion with us! 
Auntie Candace!

Uncle Chris and Poppy (who thankfully, lives only 1.5 hrs away)

The Monster and his Daddy checking out Buzz. 

On another note, I've set the shop to vacation mode. Since I'm preoccupied with packing and many other things, I thought it would be best to shut down until we are settled into our new home. It's sad to shut things down, but I think it's best for now. Hopefully no one forgets me! I'll be back!

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