Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wedding Bells

I suppose it's finally time to post a few shots from the beautiful wedding of my stunning friend Kara that I helped out with in November. There were sooooo many great photos, I wish I had time and patience to post a lot more.

Here's a shot by the hugely talented Rocky Strong, who can be found at, who was also our wedding photographer. It's hard to believe that he does this simply as a part-time, after-school job!

A fantastic shot of Kara and her husband, Ryan. I love this shot, it's perfect in so many ways. I wish I could be back in town with her and our other friends for a few days, visiting downtown cafes and 24 hour restaurants.

A photo of the bride and myself, after she had finished some family photos, and I had been busy deconstructing the 'reception' area. This is our fun 'Betty Boop' faces, we don't typically make this face for all photos.

Here's her wedding cake I constructed for her. I love the orchids!! She has such fantastic taste in flowers. The entire wedding was blooming.

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