Thursday, May 7, 2009

Finally, Spring has come!

I’ve been what I might consider, “out of commission” the past few weeks, and when I did have energy I was too busy with the rest of the world to really spend much time promoting or adding to my Etsy shop. I had talked with a few people on Etsy prior about my cravings for ice; some mentioned that it could be related to low iron in my pregnancy, they were right. So I’m currently trying to eat iron rich foods while hoping to keep down the nasty iron supplements the dr has me on.
I’m now forcing myself to dive back into my passion of creating and selling: hoping to find inspiration in the fresh spring air that has finally hit this little community in my province.
Here’s a photo I took this afternoon from our deck, looking across the harbour. Believe it or not, but only a week ago this harbour was still covered with ice. While there’s some scattered trace of snow and ice left, the sun is quickly winning the battle (which I’m ecstatic about).

Here’s a new bag I currently listed in the shop, check out the listing here. A one of a kind creation, with a pretty vintage button.


Anonymous said...

I've been craving a tan corduroy bag for a week. I had exactly what I wanted in mind too; soft, one strap, not to big not to small, with pleats. So I got on etsy and low and behold I found the perfect one! Just ordered it from you an hour ago! So excited to get it!

Anonymous said...

Oh this blue one was tempting too, but I'm holding out till you make a grey one ;-)