Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's been a while..

Sigh, my poor shop and blog, both are appearing neglected and pathetic as of late. As readers are aware, I’m currently awaiting the arrival, or rather birth of my baby boy. This is the 37th week of my pregnancy and I’m extremely eager to have this portion of parenthood over with, even though as a first time mother I’m ‘mildly’ terrified of the process.

Other than this, there are other excuses for the lack of new items appearing in my shop. We found out approximately a month ago that we’re moving, and we’re moving to another community all together in just about 12 days from today. So the current battle has been trying to organize house and home into boxes while carrying around an extra 30 pounds (most of which feels like water weight that loves to cause painful and annoying swelling. At least, please hope with me that it is a lot of water weight). There’s also the extra complication of attempting to get the perfect shot of a product with a huge belly in the way, there are new products ready to be posted but I’m thinking they’ll have to wait until I can hand the baby over to the husband to hold and can effectively manoeuvre my body with a camera once again.

The items in the shop are still available for sale and will be shipped on time, until labour begins. I will soon have to put the shop in vacation mode until post delivery and post move.

For those of you who check my shop from time to time and are following this blog, thanks so much for your continued support. I’m eagerly looking forward to picking up business again full swing once the next 30 days or so have passed. For those of you who pray, please pray that everything goes well for us. We’re very excited about this next chapter of our lives and marriage, and I’m sure much of it will show up here.

Before I go, my friend Lesley has started a blog, she’s got some amazing sons that you may enjoy reading about, check it out here;

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