Monday, July 13, 2009


Today is the DUE date. Considering the fact that I’m sitting here at a computer typing a blog post instead of lying in a hospital in pain pushing can only mean; I’m still enormously pregnant. When I say enormously, I mean enormously. Consider the photos below taken by my fabulously talented Samantha just last Tuesday.

Please excuse the quality of the previous photo, and the second one. I had to resize them to fit properly.

In other news, we’re all moved and almost ‘settled.’ My mother has joined us for the unpacking process, which has been long and arduous, especially for the swollen, cranky pregnant lady. We are quite happy to finally be seeing the end of the tunnel with settling in. With every move come a few unexpected expenses, so we’re just trying to juggle those, and all this waiting for baby is making me itch to re-open my shop. I’m refusing to scratch that itch till at least the baby comes out. I don’t want to take the risk of someone buying something and being disappointed that I’ve suddenly gone into labour and can’t get to the post in time. It would possibly devastate me in a very happy time in my life, to have annoyed a customer. So, shop remains closed for now.

As for baby Benjamin, he’s doing well. We’re hoping to get some paint to fix up his room for him. I’ll post some photos once we’re near completion there. I’m feeling fine, tired a little, very swollen, and slightly cranky (first time the moodiness has shown up the entire pregnancy, I remind my husband that he should be grateful of that). Benjamin’s obviously doing well, he’s rolling around, enjoying his second hand BBQ, Chinese Food, deserts, etc. Every meal is followed by his ‘satisfied’ hiccups. I think he’s eating so well in the womb that he’s refusing to come out.

I must be off and try the suggestion of several friends that a hot bath will induce labour, as daunting as that seems in this hot July weather.

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