Thursday, August 20, 2009


There’s so much to be said for paradise, no one really knows the utmost definition of what is perfect paradise, it’s different for everyone. I’m thoroughly enjoying being a mother, it’s my paradise. Even though motherhood is sleep deprived and extremely frustrating at times (when your child/children cry and fuss without an apparent cause that you can discern). Being a mother is also a great blessing, your heart swells, and selflessness ensues.

I commented on my twitter and my Facebook that coffee was once a luxury, a warm friend. Now it’s like the blood in my veins, the air in my lungs, driving me forward, lending me life. Thankfully, I like coffee.

I’m attempting to restock the shop and here’s my latest attempt; Utopia Pixie Pleated Handbag/Purse OOAK

This perfect purse is made from an unbelievably soft and luxurious purple fabric (with a feel that similar to a super soft suede). The inside fabric is also a super soft repurposed tee shirt fabric; the colour accents the purple beautifully. The button on the outside matches the interior fabric and accents the bag with a great retro-modern look. The bag closes with a snap closure.

This eco friendly bag is a one of a kind creation; its softness shouldn’t disappoint any individuals touch. The repurposed tee shirt was much loved and looks forward to being loved by its future owner and in its new purpose. You’ll love reaching into this purse and feeling the cool touch of the super soft tee material as you dig for your keys or favourite lip-gloss.

I’m in love with this bag, the softness and colour combination. I don’t have any tee shirt left to make another but look forward to creating similar colour combinations.

Today is my mother-in-law’s birthday.


Allison said...

I'd love the purse if it wasn't purple :P
And Benjamin made that sign? Impressive :)

Lesley said...

I agree, motherhood is a very special experience. And coffee is my lifeline as well, especially in the beginning months.

The purse is really nice. . . where are you getting the time to sew? haha

Wanna come show me how to use my sewing machine? haha

brando said...

Hey you, so I just stumbled upon your blog and figured I'd follow you. Not like a stalker though, that'd be creepy.

Maybe I should start making purses, I am quite hand with a needle and thread. Well, I can sew buttons back onto my shirts and patches into jeans at least.

Sarah might be interested in one of those thingies. Bags seem to appeal to the fairer sex. hmm....