Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mother-Housewife.. but not the cliche

Imagine this, back again.

I have a question, those of you who’re out there, mothers who’re balancing etsy shops, blogs, websites, consignment orders, household responsibilities and children, how are you doing it?

I know you exist, I run across your posts in the etsy forums, I drop by your blogs, I see your sales. I can’t imagine how you manage it all.

Do you have extremely helpful partners? My husband works, all day and most nights, away from the house. My free time, which is while the 7 month old sleeps, is spent with dishes and laundry, cleaning and cooking. I have volunteer responsibilities (which I LOVE) away from home, these take me out of the house at least one night a week.

Please lend me your secrets.

On another note, I did promise photos from my birthday. We had a lovely dinner at the Dockside Inn & Restaurant, and it was delicious, as always.

The 7 month old Monster, Myself and the Husband. It's complicated eating out with a baby, but thankfully we had a dinner without incident. Monster was sleepy, which is why there's no smiles in this photo, and he slept till we were almost finished eating.

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