Wednesday, March 3, 2010

From a World Brought Together as One

My apologies, again? I did truly hope to find my way back here before now.


I’ve spent the past 2+ weeks completely sucked into the Olympic drama and excitement, and now I’m suffering from withdrawal. This in the midst of laundry and dishes, feedings and diaper changes, volunteering and visitors, has all kept me from politely updating my blog. Sadly, the business of life, the various events and excitement are the best things to post about, and who really wants to hear about those things way after it has happened. So don’t worry, if you’re a sports fan, I’m sure you’ve watched snippets of the Olympic games, or read sports pages online, or like some of the Canadians I know, lovingly and obsessively glued yourself to the television, watching one channel (sport) while your PVR (personal video recorder, similar to tvo, but not nearly as cool) captured the action on another. In light of this, I won’t document my emotions while experiencing the past 17+days.

.Though, I will make mention of LeBreton who unfortunately compared Canadians and their ‘inadequate’ patriotism to Nazi Germany and the Berlin Olympics. I’m too passionate about this subject to start ranting and allow down the walls that hold excessive emotion from exploding all over this page. Although, something tells me that LeBreton will not escape this ‘rant’ of his own without getting ‘burnt’ by the backlash. I also wonder if there was something besides what LeBreton mentioned in his article that spurred him forward in a ridiculous claim that our Maple Leaf can be easily compared to the swastika. So, LeBreton, if you’re out there, I’m sorry if a Canadian somewhere, somehow offended your possibly sensitive nature. Please be aware that we were not simply throwing ourselves an outrageous party (though we do tend to get overly excited, it’s a part of what most of the world likes about us, our friendly excitability), and I hope you do at some point, though this process and publicity you’ve either intentionally or unintentionally thrust upon yourself, realize that Canadians are not as easily likened to Nazi’s as you first concluded.


I think I’ll stop there for now, for fear of saying too much and speaking from anger and a desire to argue (its instinctive).


I’ll return soon, with something more shop related, I hope.

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