Friday, January 21, 2011

Too Bogged to Blog

I’ve been too bogged down to blog.

I suppose everyone has had the same conundrum over the holidays: The whirl of the Christmas season, the feverishness and busyness along with the romanticizing sparkle, and the dim comfortable lure of the glowing Christmas lights.

It’s as though I had been dancing recklessly with a beautiful partner, lost in the rhythm and I’ve been suddenly spun out of its hypnotizing embrace and smacked with the cool quiet winter and the reality of the real world. It’s not the fault of Christmas really; I hungered to be caught up into that glorious dance.

I’ve come out of it, with what I might call the winter doldrums’. I’m tired, and feel as though I’m in need of a nap. I’m being dramatic, I know.

I do want to create pretty things, and I love selling pretty things, I believe I’m overwhelmed and need to reorganize that which was hurled into chaos without my consent.

The shop is open, if something sells it gets shipped. Same as always, it just feels more like a chore today than a passionate hobby.

Maybe if I dance with my fabric, I’ll reignite the passion. It’s worth a try.

On the upside, I’ve been featured in a number of beautiful treasuries over the past two months; I’m so pleased to be recognized by those curators.

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