Sunday, November 14, 2010

Holy Jolly Christmas

I'm so excited, I've been excited since mid-October, or maybe earlier. Yes, cringe, be outraged, close the window and stomp away from your computer in protest. I am one of those people who absolutely LOVES to see the Christmas stock arrive in stores, one of those who gets giddy when commercials are dressed in their Christmas-consumerism best. I suppose you could blame me for the ever increasing rate at which Christmas smacks us in the face oh-so inappropriately early each and every year.

I'd happily deck my halls on all hallows eve if the husband would allow me. Although, this year I have to sate my eager desire to dive head first into the Christmas spirit, mainly because we're moving into another home and while Christmas tunes and watching Elf in September is ok, putting up my tree and dismantling it all over again to move right before Christmas isn't ok. I'm also a little weary since my Monster is 16 months old and very curious and a through-and-through boy hence, I'm nervous that my tree and other decor won't withstand the punishment he'll most fabulously dish out. I am sort of hoping that the new surroundings of the other home will keep him preoccupied for the Christmas season, yeah, not likely.

Either way, demolished decor or not, I'm still skipping around singing carols (off tune) and watching our supply of Christmas themed movies, over and over.

Since I cannot decorate, or sing in public, and likely my readers have all clicked the 'unfollow' button and stomped away in a furious rage, I'll be silent now and leave you with a treasury I've been so graciously included in. Maybe you'll forgive me eventually.

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Allison said...

I tend to agree with you. I look forward to Christmas stock coming out... especially at Starbucks! Let's just call the complainers Scrooges and Grinches! :)