Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"April Showers" Handbag

This bag is made with a very dark navy wool tweed feeling fabric and has a very fun bright blue cotton lining which is printed with small white flowers. You could reverse this bag if you wanted. There are three buttons on this bag, one medium sized wooden button, a small plastic white flower button, and one plastic blue button to match the inside lining. The middle right hand photo gives a close up of those buttons.
This bag measures 9.5-10 inches high (not including handle, 18 inches including handle), and 10.5 inches wide.
Email me if you would like to buy this bag.
This is the last of the dark navy tweed that I have, so i won't be able to make any more like this. If you'd like something similar, I may have some other dark navy fabric that I might be able to use.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Pretty in Pink" Wrist Style Handbag

This bag is made out of two similar fabrics, in alternating colours. I'm not sure the name of the fabric, although I really love the feel of it. It sort of resembles a nice skirt or pants (if that helps).
This bag is reversable, alternating between grey side out or pink side out. The only thing to be aware of if you're favorable of the pink side is that there's some exposed stitching on the bottom of the pink side of the bag, although the stitching is a matching pink colour and is barely noticable, if you would like some close up photos of this, simply request it when you email me. (I didn't add any buttons with this one, I can if you would like to have it with buttons, just ask.)
Measurements are about 16 inches from the long handle down to the bottom, and 9 inches across the bottom.

"Sneeky" Tote Bag

(I'm not sure why I named it sneeky, tho it does kind of seem like an "in the dark of the night" stash some loot in it, kind of bag)
This bag is made of some really durrable and soft black uppolstry fabric. Inside it's lined with a fantastic almost shiny grey. It's also pictured with a binder, books, agenda in it, to give an idea of how much stuff you could cram into it. There are three buttons that would look great on this bag, they're pictured as well, and if you'd like I'll sew them onto the bottom right corner of the bag for no extra cost. Theres a large plastic white one, a wooden one and a small shiny blue/navy one, if you'd like a different color button then the blue just let me know, most any color will go great with the black and grey of this bag.
This bag measures 16.5 inches wide by 10.5 inches high (from the bottom of the bag to the opening, does not include the handle). The bag is pictured with a binder in it, so you can imagine how much you could tote in this bag. Could be used as a diaper bag.

"Plaid Pixie" Pleated Bag

This bag is made from that polyester suit/skirt like fabric, it's a fantastic grey with a sophisticated turquoise, brown and black plaid. The inside is lined with a turquoise broad cloth. There are two buttons, one is an accent and also used to close the bag, by looking the elastic attached to the opposite side on the inside of the bag around it. You can see this in the top and bottom right pictures. The picture on top, shows the elastic attached with a button, this is to make sure it's strong and won't pull off. If you don't want to close the bag, you can use this loop to attach your keys to.
The handle measures just under 21 inches, perfect for your shoulder. The opening is 10 inches wide, from the opening down the bag is just under 11 inches deep. The bottom width of the bag is approx 11.5 inches (the corners are rounded so that's about the widest part of the bag).

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Vintage Red Quilted Coasters with white flowers

Coasters are made with all cotton fabrics, and are filled with quilt batting and sewn to add texture and detail.
These are 4 inches by 4 inches.
Machine washable (with like colors, cold, lay flat to dry).
Contact me if you're interested in these.
I can also try to accomidate any special orders for coasters that may match your home or kitchen.

“5th Avenue” Diaperbag/Tote [Sold]

Here’s a diaper bag, or “anything bag,” that I made. The outside is made of really fantastic upholstery fabric, in a beige gold colour. I made the base with a fantastic purple and green plaid canvas that I found. The inside is lined with unbleached all cotton muslin. It’s extremely soft. The plaid canvas was extremely expensive, so I only bought a small amount, I may be able to make one or two more bags like this with the material I have. The plaid encompasses the base of the bag, and on far sides of the bag the canvas is sewed to become two somewhat “hidden” pockets. There are two straps, making the bag easy to carry on your shoulder, these are triple stitched for extra durability, incase you’ll be carrying heavy things. Inside there’s a bottle holder, with an elastic top for a baby’s bottle, or even a water bottle (you can kind of see this on the right hand side of the photo where the bag is turned inside out). There’s one larger pocket and a smaller one on the inside as well, great for diapers, or bigger items, and the smaller one for keys, lipstick. On the side opposite the bottle holder is another small pocket, you can see it in the bottom center picture.

I could also add a ribbon in the fantastic green that you see in the bottom right picture, or some matching buttons if you’d like.
The bag masures12 inches deep, 17 inches across, and has 2.5 inches wide sides and base.
If you’re interested in something similar, in different colours then simply communicate with me, I’ll try to accommodate your requests. A bag of this design with cheaper fabric and few extras may cost around $20, add a bottle holder, some extra pockets for $2-3.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Summer Lovin' (handbag)

This bag is made from a velvety purple/wine colour fabric for the outside, and inside is a really great pale pink with bright pink and orange stripes, feels kind of like a skirt fabric. It's also pictured with some buttons, I can sew these on as an added detail for no extra cost. One is a white plastic star button, another is a bright pink (I can substitute this for another colour if you'd like) and a fun wooden button.
This bag measures 9.5-10 inches high (not including handle, 18 inches including handle), and 10.5 inches wide.

Valley (handbag)

This bag is made with a terrific green canvas, it's an 'outdoor' fabric, really durable and I love the colour. Inside is a deep brown with green and turquoise plaid cotton/linen. This bag is reversable. On the front there are three matching buttons, the larger one is an irredescent white/clear button, the other two are brown and a turquoisy blue.
This bag measures 9.5-10 inches high (not including handle, 18 inches including handle), and 10.5 inches wide.
I only have one of this lining, so I can't make duplicates. email me if you'd like to purchase this bag.

Rock Star (handbag)

This bag is made from black cordory, and the inside is a black and pink linen/cotton blend. I really love the way it feels, and looks. It's reversable if you'd like to use it that way, tho be aware there is some slight exposed stitching on the bottom of the inside, where the bag was closed up. There are three buttons pictured that I could add to the bottom right corner of the bag, just to add some detailing, free of charge, simply specify if you want the buttons or not when you email me.
This bag measures 9.5-10 inches high (not including handle, 18 inches including handle), and 10.5 inches wide.
Email me if you would like to buy this bag.
I'm afraid I can't make any more of this particular bag, I don't have anymore of the pink and black lining. So, first come first served with this one.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


The following journals are hand bound, and covered with decorative card stock. The binding is a traditional exposed Coptic style binding with coordinating threads. Each journal has 50 pages of multipurpose paper and measures 8.5x5.5 inches and around 1 cm thick. Coptic binding allows books to lay completely flat, which makes journaling, writing, sketching much easier.
Email me if you’d like to purchase one of these journals. Please include the ‘name’ of the journal you would like to have in the email.



"Hula Hoop"


"I Spy"


"Monkey Bars"



All the cardstock used on the above journals are brand.


It's amazing how quickly "The Goods" has taken off. I always had an urge to create things, little did I realize as a child that my obsession with beads, glue, fabric, paint, and every medium known to man, could turn into something like a business. I'm busy, I'm making things and bringing in a little cash at the same time. I feel blessed.
I'll continually add new postings of new items that I'm selling here. Although, I'm really hoping to get a more usable web space for this in the future, where visitors can browse the merchandise without going through the whole blog. Maybe I'll find someone to teach me a few things about organizing and building websites.
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