Sunday, November 14, 2010

Holy Jolly Christmas

I'm so excited, I've been excited since mid-October, or maybe earlier. Yes, cringe, be outraged, close the window and stomp away from your computer in protest. I am one of those people who absolutely LOVES to see the Christmas stock arrive in stores, one of those who gets giddy when commercials are dressed in their Christmas-consumerism best. I suppose you could blame me for the ever increasing rate at which Christmas smacks us in the face oh-so inappropriately early each and every year.

I'd happily deck my halls on all hallows eve if the husband would allow me. Although, this year I have to sate my eager desire to dive head first into the Christmas spirit, mainly because we're moving into another home and while Christmas tunes and watching Elf in September is ok, putting up my tree and dismantling it all over again to move right before Christmas isn't ok. I'm also a little weary since my Monster is 16 months old and very curious and a through-and-through boy hence, I'm nervous that my tree and other decor won't withstand the punishment he'll most fabulously dish out. I am sort of hoping that the new surroundings of the other home will keep him preoccupied for the Christmas season, yeah, not likely.

Either way, demolished decor or not, I'm still skipping around singing carols (off tune) and watching our supply of Christmas themed movies, over and over.

Since I cannot decorate, or sing in public, and likely my readers have all clicked the 'unfollow' button and stomped away in a furious rage, I'll be silent now and leave you with a treasury I've been so graciously included in. Maybe you'll forgive me eventually.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ole Ole Ole..

I'm captivated by this tote, 'Hockey Tote Montreal vs. Toronto" by Avril Loreti Modern Home Decor on Etsy. It is very rare to find anything Hockey related on etsy (in comparison to the other trends that prevail on etsy) and what I have seen doesn't really speak to me like this does.
I am a hockey fan, more importantly I am a Montreal Canadiens Fan. My Husband on the other hand is a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. Combined, this is arguably the greatest rivalry in all of the NHL. This has caused a very interesting dynamic in our marriage and household, with contracts and oaths of silence.

Anyway, the point being that this bag reflects our 'support' of the other's allegiance while attempting not to rub-noses into triumphs/losses. I love it. The vintage style reminds me of the great days, days of the Richards, days of Beliveau, days of Plante.

Not a Hockey fan? Avril Loreti's shop has MUCH more to swoon for. One of my personal favourites was this KitchenAid inspired tote, that's sold and I hope hasn't been forever retired from her shop.

Hungry for more? Check out her Blog for more current updates of what she's doing. Oh yea, she's based in Toronto. It's great fun to buy from fellow Canadians.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trans-Canada Etsy Team

Finally, after what felt like an eternity on a wait list, I've been included on an Etsy team. Trans-Canada was my first choice for a team to join. There are more and more sellers emerging in NL but I wanted to be part of a larger active group that had been selling on Etsy before me. A team I can contribute to, as well as learn from. Looks like it'll be a great experience, if only I had the time to take part in every challenge, every meeting and commit myself in the way I tend to over commit to everything I allow myself to be a part of (I still can't decide if this trait of mine is a weakness or a strength).
Check out our team page, a new feature of Etsy; The Trans-Canada Etsy Team as well as the Blog, the Twitter, the Team Shop, and Flickr.

There are some outstanding artists, doing outstanding things across Canada, and selling on Etsy. I'll likely mention a number of them whenever I see something that really inspires me.

In other news, lots of treasuries in the past few months, very flattering.
Here's one I was notified about today, featuring lots of items under $20!! Just in time for Christmas!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Disappeared

Fall may have disappeared but it wasn't lost. Maybe that's why I haven't posted, the reality of life took over my virtual presence. Here are a few photos of the past two months.

I created this cushion for my son, it's listed in the shop and fully customizable. Not a fan of Rainbow colours? Not a problem, choose your own. I love this cushion and am planning to make a 'line' of these along this theme for my own home, I may add more to the shop but haven't fully decided yet.
The Monster spent a few days visiting with my mom and dad, while he was there I took advantage of the beautiful scenery and got some fall photos of him. I love his lumberjack look.
His Halloween Costume, Don Cherry. I've been planning this costume for a year, and didn't actually get around to making a pattern and constructing the costume until the night before. I usually have to build something in my mind before I can make it with my hands. So, in my imagination I made this suit 100 times before my hands actually made it. I used a dress shirt he had and laid it out to help with constructing a patter the correct size. He was asleep by the time the pattern was ready and I was cutting and piecing the jacket together. I think I'm very lucky that it fit so well.
I wasn't trained in sewing, I've taught myself and have never really made clothing before. So I thought that hand stitching the suit would give me more control over the fabric and the shape I ended up with. There's something to be said for couture clothing. It took me about 6 hours to finish. I'm extremely satisfied with the end result, but am completely lost at a way to top this next year.