Thursday, October 23, 2008


Well yet again, I've had to set my shop as 'away'. It's sad to feel like I'm not promoting, selling, and stocking my shop.

The Hubber and I are currently 7 hours away from our home, our comfy bed and coffee maker at a conference for his work. Which is somewhat like a holiday for us, seeing we have a lot of friends that we get to see each time we come to one of these conferences. As much as I love to sew and create, and sort and resort through my buttons, sometimes it's kind of nice to force yourself not to obsess over buttons and fabric. At least, since I didn't bring Kenny (the Kenmore sewing machine) along with me, I've no choice but take deep breaths, convince myself that everything will still be there when I go back on Monday.

In happy news, my little corner of Etsy has received over 200 hearts! Another joyous milestone!

In no time it'll be November and I'll have a lovely wedding to lend a hand or two in. It seems like time's flying faster then it used to. I suppose being super busy does that. No complaints though!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Etsy Shop Feature: executeme

I'm so behind with the purchases that I've wanted to feature. I've hit a crazy productive streak and have finally prepared this for my fantastic readers.

I purchased a beautiful pair of earrings (there's still some of these same earrings available) from

Here's my experience with executeme!

I purchased these earrings on September 18th and they arrived on September 29th. Just 11 days for shipping, which is pretty good from the US.

Taking a sneak peek into the envelope.

Beautifully packaged! I really love the simplicity with a great attention to detail! It made me want to keep the box just like that, nice and neat.

Here it is again, the name of the earrings are handwritten on the little tag. There are two stunning business cards included (see a better photo of those at the top of this posting).
I eventually convinced myself to take off the rope and check out the earrings. Safely and snugly packaged!

The photos and description of them on the etsy site are very accurate, the colour is exactly what I wanted!

Here is how they look when you're wearing them! Forgive me, I'm not an 'ear' model, but wanted to give an impression of the real SCALE of them.

Although, I have to admit, I had an idea that my experience with executeme would be a good one, this is actually my 3rd purchase from this shop.

My first purchase were these fantastic red earrings, which are still by far my favorite earrings.

I've also purchased a similar style, for Kara. And keep wishing and hoping that more show up like this, so I can buy them too.

Altogether, a great experience with another purchase! I hope this helps with any purchasing hesitation from this shop!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Apparently I have been tagged! Thanks to Retro Mama for including me!
I'm happy to share seven facts about myself, tho I don't know many bloggers to tag in turn.

1. I'm in love with Starbucks, I know it's a huge corporate evil stamping out the small individually owned coffee shop, but it's too late for me I've been lost in a swirl of foam, espresso and caramel.

2. I always have a cup of coffee on my desk while I'm at home, if it cools before I drink it all, then I nuke it and add more from the pot. I'm not ashamed to drink coffee that's been sitting in the pot for hours.
(I really need one of those electric coffee cup warmers, does Kitchen Aid make a pretty red one?)

3. I love songs that hold nostalgia for me, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, the 80's rockers, and some of the songs that made me smile in the 90's now put butterflies in my stomach (in a good way). That way music often makes me happy with memories and sad with nostalgia all at the same time. It's like emotional drugs.

4. I own all the seasons of Gilmore Girls and watch them over and over and over. And I always cry when Rory graduates (from Chilton and Yale).

5. Sometimes my own thoughts are so loud that I can't hear when someone calls my name or says something to me. I promise, I'm not being rude, I just didn't HEAR you.

6. I don't like 'noise' but I'm a very loud person (esp while watching hockey)

7. I have terrible anxiety (it runs in my family), it ranges from a slight panic when someone plays with scissors, or sits on a pillow (they're for your head, not your bum. Unless it's a designated floor pillow) to a full scale panic attack when in a serious confrontation.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

As Promised

I’ve posted two new plaid bags in the shop.
I was really shocked/surprised when I listed Serendipity last night and after a minute decided to edit the listing slightly, clicking on my shop realized it had sold. It has been my fastest sale in history! I thought I’d lost it into the inactive items, or simply dreamed that I had actually listed it. I love the colours and the way the bag works, I’m glad someone else did too!
Here’s Serendipity

And another that I just listed named Magpie. This one doesn’t really have an accent colour, which I think it’s a nice bonus because it can be worn with most anything. It’s got a great black and camel plaid which can be paired with pretty much anything!
[yikes plaid doesn't photograph well, for a better shot check the shop, or click the photo above for a larger view]

Currently I’m taking the evening to promote my shop after a LONG day of setting up, conducting and cleaning up from the Children’s program I run. I’m also teary-eyed and joyfully watching the Montreal Canadians vs. Boston Bruins game on TSN, like any Canadian would. Yes, I’m a fan of the legendary Habs, and a very vocal and passionate one at that. So far it appears to be a beautiful and joyful centennial year for the Habitants!

Singing; "Ole ole ole ole ole ole"

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


... I can’t believe I’ve neglected this blog for an entire week. I’m slightly shocked at myself for having done it. Last week was, well, a different kind of week which meant updating wasn’t really a convenience. I’ve spent extra time filling and posting orders, and my little shop ended up dwindling away to a mere 8 handbags available. I’m currently slaving to restock.
Here’s the newest addition.

I know I made a promise of many plaid additions, and have failed to fulfill the promise. But finally, after two weeks I’m finally around to sewing the plaid fabric’s I’ve horded.
Happy late (Canadian) thanksgiving! A much more substantial post tomorrow, hopefully.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Evergreen Pixie Pleated Handbag/Purse

The newest addition to the shop;

This bag is made from a fantastic lime green canvas upholstery fabric; it’s very durable and wears beautifully. The inside is lined with a great white/yellow/orange/green cotton plaid. The bag closes with a snap closure, and has two small plastic yellow-green buttons adding a nice modern detail to the front of the bag. The handle measures 19 inches, perfect for your shoulder. The opening is 10 inches wide; from the opening down the bag is 11 inches deep. The bottom width of the bag is approx 11.5 inches (the corners are rounded so that's about the widest part of the bag).

It's very very windy here, so I don't get the opportunity much to take photos outside. I can hardly believe that the house is still standing with the force of the wind. So it's a lot harder to get a bunch of good photos, I think I'll have to build a light box.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Francis Albert Pixie Pleated Handbag/Purse

I made this guy today. The husband had a button up shirt that really looked fantastic on him, but one small place on the shirt got a spot that couldn’t be repaired. So, I recycled it. The fabric was too stunning to waste, so I cut it with my pixie pleated bag pattern to use it as lining, and then paired it with this really great dark navy fabric. Hence, it’s a beautiful bag, which is “green” inspired and useful!

I named it after good ol’ blue eyes, because it seemed to have it’s own class and is pretty dignified, and it’s the style of bag that is timeless and classic. Sadly, there's only enough shirt to make two of these.


My shop is featured here;
Be sure to check it out!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Christmas time is near

I really love Christmas. I’m looking forward to putting up a tree and making my new home Christmassy and cozy. It’s also great that things in my Etsy shop are moving much better now that fall has arrived. I’ve hardly the time to make new colour combinations or designs for the shop. Plaid is really in, and I have some more plaid waiting to be made into a beautiful bag, so I guess I should hurry and do that while plaid is so hot. So I'll make some similar to this;

And a few similar to this;

We finally have some furniture. We’re not exactly rolling in money so the furniture we bought for our bedroom and dining room all needs to be assembled (this kind of furniture is cheaper), so the Hubber has been labouring on getting it all together. We’re still waiting on the actual dining table and a few chairs. The sofas are a different colour then I expected (that’s what happens when you buy things online, this coming from someone who makes her ‘living’ selling things online) so it’s a little difficult tying it into the d├ęcor I had planned.

Here's our Dining Table. I think this is our living room sofa and love seat, in light spice brown (on here the colour looks a lot lighter, like a cream colour, instead it's much more caramel or camel colour, which clashes a little with my charcoal walls), and this is our bedroom furniture.

Now to fill a few orders! YAY

EDIT: Whoo Hooo Check Me OUT here!!