Monday, March 23, 2009

Stocking the Shop

Finally forcing some motivation in the midst of morning sickness and exhaustion to add items to my esty shop. It's a slow and long process of finishing a number of 'works in progress' and photographing, editing, etc etc.
It's amazing how much slower being 24 weeks pregnant makes me, it's a little more difficult getting those perfect pictures, bending and leaning. Tho, I'm enjoying the feeling of my baby boy rolling and bumping around in there, I swear he thinks he's in a mosh pit.

Here's a bag that I'm prepping to list in the shop a little later today, I love the navy fabric. It's got such a great texture to it.

I'm attempting to devise a quirky yet catchy name for this bag.
I'm also a Twitter convert, I've given in for the extra opportunity to promote my creations.


Allison said...

Love the fabric of the lining!

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous! The bag is so lovely and I also love how you describe the litte on rolling around inside. SO sweet :)