Monday, March 30, 2009

Three's Company

I added three new items to the shop over the weekend.

I decided to try beading on one of my handbags and this is how it turned out,

I named it ‘In the Sky with Diamonds.’ I suppose it could be called Lucy for short. I used glass seed beads, clear and iridescent which give a beautiful sparkly contrast to the grey fabric behind them.

Here’s a shot of the whole purse. It’s reversible as well, so if you’d like to see more images, check it out in the shop.

This bag is also a new addition; it’s OOAK (One of a Kind). I love the black, white and grey blossom fabric that I used here, and I only had enough to cut for one handbag. So whoever purchases this purse will be the only one with these colour/fabric/button combinations. Check the shop for better photos of ‘Sophie Blossoms.’

I realize both of these additions are very grey, but I’ll be bringing back some old favourites that have sold very well in the past this week. So keep an eye out for those. And, as we’re approaching Easter, I added a very pretty lilac handbag that screams spring.

I’ve named this bag ‘Selah’ which is a classical Hebrew term, the general interpretation is here.

This past weekend celebrated Earth Hour; hopefully everyone was challenged with the amount of electricity and energy we absorb from our planet. Let’s keep up with the conservation, not just one hour a year, but everyday, all day.


Creative Minds said...

That looks amazing! Great job.

Stacey said...

That beading on there is just the right touch, a dusting of prettiness, I like it very much!!

Jennifer said...

I love the beading detail. Gorgeous and delicate!

Laura said...

Beautiful! And as for the previous post, I try to avoid carrying a big bag when I can. I don't like feeling burdened by stuff unless I absolutely have to. So I definitely think there is still a market for the pixie purses out there! :) There MUST be other girls like me???

P.S. Added you to my blogroll, glad to see that someone I know is still blogging!!! :)