Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, have a sale?

One of Etsy's many unique features to enhance the shoppers shopping experience is shopping by Birthday. Every day in etsy's 'buy' section different sellers are featured because of the date they've entered as their birthday in their profile.
The idea is to make someones birthday a little brighter by providing them with a sale. Sounds good to me. I did not make a sale today. Sadness.
Anyway, there are listed 741 sellers whose Birthday's are set to Feb 7th. Of the 8 pages I sifted through, I found myself on the 6th page. I wasn't exactly expecting anyone to find me via this method anyway, but I am astounded a little, 741 shops.
If every day has that many shops featured we're looking at a total of 263,796 shops selling on Etsy!!
Yikes, I don't know what number I was expecting. I know not every opened 'shop' is selling.
Anyway, I'm not here complaining, or even ranting, just rambling. I thought I'd post a screen shot of my avatar in the Birthday section, since I won't see it there for another year.

(hmm, an after thought, if people actually DID shop using the Birthday section, couldn't shops/sellers change their birthday date on their profile to correspond with each day, to consistently be featured? I have no idea if Etsy has anything to prevent this. Just wondering)
Anyone out there ever purchase from a shop they found browsing Birthdays?
I had a lovely birthday, I'll post some pictures tomorrow. It wasn't overly eventful, but an event all the same.


elsie said...

shop by birthday - how CUTE is that!! must go look into it immediately!

cabin + cub said...

Hope you had a great birthday! I didn't know that there was that feature on etsy! Learn something new everyday!

Melissa McCarthy said...

I didn't realize one could shop by birthday on Etsy! How cute! :)

Happy Birthday! <:-) I hope you had an awesome day!