Friday, May 7, 2010

Smothered Mother

I think I’m being smothered by hectic routine. The life of a mother, wife and business woman (ok, that last one is a bit of a stretch, but I do still conduct business on etsy and I’m also dealing with some real-estate matters), is a life plagued with the mundane day-to-day necessary tasks, as well as the random surprises that seemingly intend to throw you off your game, or at least affect your balancing act slightly.

This is particularly meaningful a reflection for me this weekend. Sunday I’ll honour not only my birth-mother, but also the mother who raised me. I hope to think I honour them every day with the person I have become.

It’s truly a sacrifice of love to grow a child in your womb as well as raise that child from infancy. Both of my mothers have done miraculous things for me, astounding sacrifices.

This is also my ‘first’ Mother’s Day. I do technically consider it my second since the Monster was in my womb at this time last year, but not everyone would agree. I’m a little psyched; just don’t let Hubber know that.

Now I’ll go tend to the other random things demanding my time. I’ll leave on this note, I dearly miss the Etsy gift guides (and yet appreciate the gift-guide-esque postings in Storque) and never look at the Showcase slots because they’re rarely pleasing to the eye and the few times I have looked, I’ve never seen anything that’s drawn me to click and investigate further.

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