Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mothers Day

I experienced my first Mothers Day as a Mother last week. It was nice to be honoured for the time and energy that I've put into this new role, but felt at the same time odd to be 'appreciated' for something that isn't new in the span of history. Giving birth is a trial, but one that most every woman faces at least once in her lifetime. Raising the child you give birth to is just as natural an occurrence. Obviously, there are a multitude of mothers out there raising children they did not give birth to, and this is to be highly commended (I was raised by my biological grandmother).
I'm not attempting to down-size the magnitude of the job itself. It's obviously a labour of love and full of sacrifice, but when frustration sets in, only a few moments away from the Monster is needed to remind me that even though it's a difficult task, it's a beautiful one, full of reward and lots of slobbery kisses of thanks. I wouldn't have it any other way.
I'm not the kind of person who collects a large number of trinkets or collectables, but I do have a little affinity for the gentleness and quiet beauty of Susan Lordi's Willow Tree figures. I saw this one, and my heart leaped, one of my favourite moments is bringing the Monster (asleep in my arms) to his crib, or when he's had a good time playing with his toys and reaches up to me putting his head on my shoulder in an appreciative hug.

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