Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Classic" Handbag [Sold]

This bag has a really great classic feel to it, and yet it's also trendy. This bag is made with a great brown/tan and black mixed suit fabric, in such a way that it can be worn with most anything, earth tones or black. The inside is a really soft flannel plaid, with green tones in it, along with various shades of beige. I really love flannel for bags, just makes you happy to be digging in it for things to feel the softness of the flannel. This bag could be reversed, for a bit of fun. On the front, are three buttons, a large beige one, a smaller grey one, and a small black. To the right you'll see a close up of the buttons.
The flannel fabric is a little more expensive then what I generally use, but it's worth it for the feel.
email me if you'd like to have this bag.

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