Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, have a stapler!

Tomorrow is my birthday, my third 25th birthday actually. In light of the coming occasion I thought I’d feature some lovely red staplers. I’m not sure why, but for a number of years now I’ve been wanting a Red Stapler, not just ANY red stapler, but a shiny new Red Swingline.

I’ve a love for most anything red in colour, and give me something red, shiny and used to organize, I’ll love you forever (some conditions may apply).

I'm especially a fan of #3. It's a beautiful necklace. I know it's not ACTUALLY red, but it's a great photo and I'd wear a necklace like that with most anything.

So, celebrate with me, by checking out some of these stunning etsy items.

1. Still Life With Stapler (Office Space) $19 from jctebeau

2. Red Stapler PDF Cross Stitch Pattern $5 from Nrapture

3. STAPLER sterling silver necklace $60 from BallandChain

4. Blank Card - The Office - Red Jello Stapler $2.99 from SureAsBlue

5. Swingline Stapler $30 from Moxiedoll

6. Swingline Staplers $20 from TopsyDesign


CarzooCritters said...

Happy Birthday Tomorrow Crysto! =)

I have a blue stapler. I like those red staplers better =) The jello stapler makes me laugh!

Trains and Sewing Machines said...

Those #6 ones are calling my name!! So cute :) Hope you have a happy birthday!