Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Day to the Groundhog

In light of the Groundhog, I thought I’d take a short break from the NL features and do a quick little feature on Groundhog items I found browsing etsy. It seems as though the groundhog isn’t one of the more popular crafted animals, but those who have chosen the groundhog as a theme in creating have done it beautifully. Check out some of these selected items below.

1. Groundhog Oversized Postcard Letterpress Handprinted. $13 from; http://www.yeehaw.etsy.com/

2. The Groundhog Ate My Peas 7, 1.7 oz of handspun wool yarn with a touch of silk. $15 from; http://www.feistywomandesigns.etsy.com/

3. Shadow Journal. $4 from; http://www.mammaroots.etsy.com/

4. Groundhog's Day Groundhog Amigurumi. $10 from http://www.moonscreations.etsy.com/

5. Brigid the Groundhog. $14 from; http://www.mammaroots.etsy.com/


Ilea said...

Great groundhogs!

~Marge~ said...

Love the Groundhogs! Cute pics.