Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trans-Canada Etsy Team

Finally, after what felt like an eternity on a wait list, I've been included on an Etsy team. Trans-Canada was my first choice for a team to join. There are more and more sellers emerging in NL but I wanted to be part of a larger active group that had been selling on Etsy before me. A team I can contribute to, as well as learn from. Looks like it'll be a great experience, if only I had the time to take part in every challenge, every meeting and commit myself in the way I tend to over commit to everything I allow myself to be a part of (I still can't decide if this trait of mine is a weakness or a strength).
Check out our team page, a new feature of Etsy; The Trans-Canada Etsy Team as well as the Blog, the Twitter, the Team Shop, and Flickr.

There are some outstanding artists, doing outstanding things across Canada, and selling on Etsy. I'll likely mention a number of them whenever I see something that really inspires me.

In other news, lots of treasuries in the past few months, very flattering.
Here's one I was notified about today, featuring lots of items under $20!! Just in time for Christmas!

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