Monday, September 1, 2008

Finally all Moved...

It’s been a week (that felt more like a month) of suitcase living and frantically searching boxes for those ‘misplaced’ packed items.
(a shot of our U-Haul driving behind us)

We’re in a bigger house (some photos to come eventually), which is great in some ways, and a little weird having everything distributed so much around the space. Like my husband who has set up ‘office’ in the basement, while I set up my studio in the main floor. I’ve got great vocal cords, and can yell better then most, but in order to actually talk to him, I’ve got to walk down into the big-empty-dark basement.
(So happy to have all of my sewing things in one space tho)
After a whole week (half of which was spent holidaying at the in-laws), we’re finally settling in. There’s still some furniture to arrive, lots of pictures to be hung, and even more to be organized.

(A Sunset view from the In-Law's living room, Saturday night)


x said...

Ooooh moving is soooo stressful! I've never lived anywhere longer than 3 years. I'm a pro-mover, but it still makes me crazy!

Best of luck in your new place!


w said...

best wishes in your new home!

hope your furniture gets there quickly.