Thursday, October 23, 2008


Well yet again, I've had to set my shop as 'away'. It's sad to feel like I'm not promoting, selling, and stocking my shop.

The Hubber and I are currently 7 hours away from our home, our comfy bed and coffee maker at a conference for his work. Which is somewhat like a holiday for us, seeing we have a lot of friends that we get to see each time we come to one of these conferences. As much as I love to sew and create, and sort and resort through my buttons, sometimes it's kind of nice to force yourself not to obsess over buttons and fabric. At least, since I didn't bring Kenny (the Kenmore sewing machine) along with me, I've no choice but take deep breaths, convince myself that everything will still be there when I go back on Monday.

In happy news, my little corner of Etsy has received over 200 hearts! Another joyous milestone!

In no time it'll be November and I'll have a lovely wedding to lend a hand or two in. It seems like time's flying faster then it used to. I suppose being super busy does that. No complaints though!

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moxylyn said...

Congrats on all the hearts. I haven't seen your shop before now.. I have to say I love your bags!!