Monday, October 20, 2008

Etsy Shop Feature: executeme

I'm so behind with the purchases that I've wanted to feature. I've hit a crazy productive streak and have finally prepared this for my fantastic readers.

I purchased a beautiful pair of earrings (there's still some of these same earrings available) from

Here's my experience with executeme!

I purchased these earrings on September 18th and they arrived on September 29th. Just 11 days for shipping, which is pretty good from the US.

Taking a sneak peek into the envelope.

Beautifully packaged! I really love the simplicity with a great attention to detail! It made me want to keep the box just like that, nice and neat.

Here it is again, the name of the earrings are handwritten on the little tag. There are two stunning business cards included (see a better photo of those at the top of this posting).
I eventually convinced myself to take off the rope and check out the earrings. Safely and snugly packaged!

The photos and description of them on the etsy site are very accurate, the colour is exactly what I wanted!

Here is how they look when you're wearing them! Forgive me, I'm not an 'ear' model, but wanted to give an impression of the real SCALE of them.

Although, I have to admit, I had an idea that my experience with executeme would be a good one, this is actually my 3rd purchase from this shop.

My first purchase were these fantastic red earrings, which are still by far my favorite earrings.

I've also purchased a similar style, for Kara. And keep wishing and hoping that more show up like this, so I can buy them too.

Altogether, a great experience with another purchase! I hope this helps with any purchasing hesitation from this shop!


Kim Caro said...

the tulip earrings are so--- awesome. i want them!

Anonymous said...

Those are wonderful! I'm definitely going to check her out.

Debbie Gootter said...

I love her work - great stuff- thanks for sharing

Expressions By Devin said...

those are some amazing earrings:0) i love them:0)

Anonymous said...

I love the color. Those are really sweet.