Thursday, October 16, 2008


Apparently I have been tagged! Thanks to Retro Mama for including me!
I'm happy to share seven facts about myself, tho I don't know many bloggers to tag in turn.

1. I'm in love with Starbucks, I know it's a huge corporate evil stamping out the small individually owned coffee shop, but it's too late for me I've been lost in a swirl of foam, espresso and caramel.

2. I always have a cup of coffee on my desk while I'm at home, if it cools before I drink it all, then I nuke it and add more from the pot. I'm not ashamed to drink coffee that's been sitting in the pot for hours.
(I really need one of those electric coffee cup warmers, does Kitchen Aid make a pretty red one?)

3. I love songs that hold nostalgia for me, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, the 80's rockers, and some of the songs that made me smile in the 90's now put butterflies in my stomach (in a good way). That way music often makes me happy with memories and sad with nostalgia all at the same time. It's like emotional drugs.

4. I own all the seasons of Gilmore Girls and watch them over and over and over. And I always cry when Rory graduates (from Chilton and Yale).

5. Sometimes my own thoughts are so loud that I can't hear when someone calls my name or says something to me. I promise, I'm not being rude, I just didn't HEAR you.

6. I don't like 'noise' but I'm a very loud person (esp while watching hockey)

7. I have terrible anxiety (it runs in my family), it ranges from a slight panic when someone plays with scissors, or sits on a pillow (they're for your head, not your bum. Unless it's a designated floor pillow) to a full scale panic attack when in a serious confrontation.


Kim Caro said...

panic attacks. eeeeeeeek

BeadBrat Originals said...

Love the new bags! they look great!

I read back a few entries and its good to know things are coming together for you... I kinda smiled when I saw where your furniture came from... I remember as a kid we saved change in a jar and when it got full we counted it and rolled it and ordered our new bunkbeds from Sears! My grand father and Uncle both worked there for many years!

Have a great weekend!

Crafty Mama said...

My MIL has this thing with sitting on the end of a bench in case of fire. She has quite a few others, too.

Most of my attacks come from my two-year old monster who loves to jump off his brother's bunk beds, climb on top of the refrigerator, run away from me in parking lots, etc.