Thursday, October 2, 2008

Christmas time is near

I really love Christmas. I’m looking forward to putting up a tree and making my new home Christmassy and cozy. It’s also great that things in my Etsy shop are moving much better now that fall has arrived. I’ve hardly the time to make new colour combinations or designs for the shop. Plaid is really in, and I have some more plaid waiting to be made into a beautiful bag, so I guess I should hurry and do that while plaid is so hot. So I'll make some similar to this;

And a few similar to this;

We finally have some furniture. We’re not exactly rolling in money so the furniture we bought for our bedroom and dining room all needs to be assembled (this kind of furniture is cheaper), so the Hubber has been labouring on getting it all together. We’re still waiting on the actual dining table and a few chairs. The sofas are a different colour then I expected (that’s what happens when you buy things online, this coming from someone who makes her ‘living’ selling things online) so it’s a little difficult tying it into the décor I had planned.

Here's our Dining Table. I think this is our living room sofa and love seat, in light spice brown (on here the colour looks a lot lighter, like a cream colour, instead it's much more caramel or camel colour, which clashes a little with my charcoal walls), and this is our bedroom furniture.

Now to fill a few orders! YAY

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Kim said...

Looove the plaid bag with the aqua blue lining, and congrats on the feature! I wanted to let you know that you've been tagged, and you can see the details on my blog if you'd like to play :)

Janice said...

Oh, I am also loving the plaid bag with the aqua linig! That is simply gorgeous!