Thursday, July 22, 2010


Blogger and Safari give me anxiety. I HATE that I cannot resize the photos in the post editor. I may go a little nutty today, it's too warm and the Monster is learning to climb onto the ottoman to get himself onto higher furniture. I just turned around and found him up in our occasional chair with my beautiful bombay keepsake photo box in both hands, dangling over the side. I need the humidity to go down so that I'll be move even tempered and maybe grow some patience. I love that he's so adventurous but I'm tired of endlessly saying 'no no.'

On the lighter side, I've finally chosen the perfect button for this nautical inspired navy weekend bag. I chose a shell button to keep the nautical feeling unified.

I've named this bag for my late grandfather Henry who had a profession as a boat builder. I have saltwater in my blood.

The interior fabric is a really beautiful medium weight cotton with creamy white and dusty red (without looking pink) stripes. It has an almost weathered look. I've plans to list this in the shop soon, and hope to make the same fabric combination in a few of my different styles.

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