Friday, July 23, 2010

Ode to the Fashion Masters

I wrote in February how the designers were bringing in the navy nautical theme with a vengeance. Ok, I didn’t say ‘vengeance,’ but it really was (and still is) slightly violent. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still riding the nautical train, as evident in my last few postings. But, designers are prepping their fall lines, and I’m seeing a lot of shine, shimmery golds and some rich purples. I’m much more a fan of grey and blacks, vs gold, tan and browns. But pair it properly with a jewel tone and I’m all in.

Here’s some highlights of the Coming fall;

1. I’ll start with a designer dear to my heart, Jimmy.. aka; Jimmy Choo. Check out his ‘Darcy’ shoe, how can you dislike a shoe named ‘Darcy’... I get Pride and Prejudice quotes just flying around in my head.

2. Calvin Klein kept his Fall 2010 line fairly neutral with some glossy fabrics, lots of black, and some shimmery grey and ivory.

3. The Fendi line show’s a lot of black with pops of mustard yellow and olives (which is very beautiful). But there’s still the shine and shimmer of some purple finding it’s way in there.

4. Chanel has a fresh and different perspective on the trend, with it’s line that debuted on the 6th of July. I can’t say I’m dyeing to have the purple dress with diamond pattern, but I would wear the gold outfit with pride.

5. Versace’s Men’s SS11 show has given us a lot of metallic grey and pumped in some deep purples, so deep without a further glance you’d pass them off as black. The Women’s show had models strutting down a metallic blue/purple catwalk wearing metallic purple mini’s. In my opinion, no one did this upcoming season better than Versace.

In general, these designers and others used neutral jumping off points, a lot of shiny blacks, camel, and some grey. But, accents were very purple and deep, with hits of Gold and anything shiny to add glimmer as we head into the winter months.

I’ve curated a treasury motivated by these color trends, leaning mostly on the dark metallic black and purple with pops of gold and mustard. Check it out here;

In light of this, and inspired by it, I’m looking forward to pulling out my beautiful velvety purple fabric and I’ve some gold threaded lining material I’ve been hesitating to use. Now may be the time.

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Ice Bloom said...

Wow, that "shoe" looks like some kind of torture device.