Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I am a Mac

I’m new at this.

They say “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

Am I really becoming an old dog?

I was a PC, now I am a Mac. I’m a junior mac with a lot of learning ahead of me. I have made a few postings here since I’ve apparently changed technology species, but I’m finding my usual tech savvy is completely escaping me and I’m like a diapered child fumbling around this machine begging it to show me ‘the way.’

I like knowing what I’m doing, when I was ‘younger’ I had time to play with new technology and make mistakes figuring it out. Now, it seems my time is much more precious, like every moment attempting to understand iphoto, finder, and gimp is moment’s lost to frustration and agitation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m willing to find out, I just wish I could have learned this new system before I had a screaming 1 year old (who is cutting his fourth tooth and very unhappy about it) and felt a pressing urge to succeed in my shop and hopefully add to our income.

Just thinking about this venture tires me.

Oh well, Mac, regardless if our relationship is a little rocky, I’m willing to make it work. Even if it means sitting in bed together watching youtube tutorials about gimp, and mac command shortcuts.

I mentioned in a previous post about how I can’t possibly invest in MORE fabric, here’s a shot of one storage area for my fabrics. My beautiful stunning colorful lovely fabrics.

In this photo (besides fabric) is;

  1. A tote bag full of fabric scraps too small for my bag patterns, but some of it’s perfect for coasters, cards, pin cushions, quilting patches, etc. I can’t bear to let go of it. Some of it are remnants of fabrics I used down to the last small trimmings and don’t want to part with.
  2. Some packaging supplies, easily within reach.
  3. Colored Pencils ready for when creativity strikes and I need to sketch out a new design, or doodle something random.
  4. My trusty ‘kitchen’ scale for double checking shipping weights.
  5. A photo of a friend and I having a fantastic time camping, so that I won’t forget to have fun.

(Please forgive the drab wall color and boarder peaking around the edges of the photo. We are renting the house we live in, and don’t exactly have the freedom to paint).

I also have a small shelf with fabric, and two large rubbermaid bins with fabric I’m repurposing, as well as another bin holding larger bolts of fabric. I have a problem, I am aware. Here’s my excuse, I’ve often gone to a store, bought a mere meter of a fabric I loved, used it all and searched for a year to find more. So, now when I find a fabric I love, at a killer price, I buy lots.

Now I must punish myself for my indulgence and use what I have already indulged in. It shouldn't be hard to do, I LOVE the fabrics I have.

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