Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Sneeky" Tote Bag

(I'm not sure why I named it sneeky, tho it does kind of seem like an "in the dark of the night" stash some loot in it, kind of bag)
This bag is made of some really durrable and soft black uppolstry fabric. Inside it's lined with a fantastic almost shiny grey. It's also pictured with a binder, books, agenda in it, to give an idea of how much stuff you could cram into it. There are three buttons that would look great on this bag, they're pictured as well, and if you'd like I'll sew them onto the bottom right corner of the bag for no extra cost. Theres a large plastic white one, a wooden one and a small shiny blue/navy one, if you'd like a different color button then the blue just let me know, most any color will go great with the black and grey of this bag.
This bag measures 16.5 inches wide by 10.5 inches high (from the bottom of the bag to the opening, does not include the handle). The bag is pictured with a binder in it, so you can imagine how much you could tote in this bag. Could be used as a diaper bag.

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