Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good Bye Philip

I spent much of yesterday sewing and shopping with my husband, browsing paint colours for the new home we’ll be occupying for the foreseeable future. I’m happy with our colour choices, and am pretty excited about decorating/nesting, though I’m very sad about leaving the people I’ve grown to love here.

Speaking of which, some of the girls came to visit and watch a movie with me last night, sadly our DVD player, (apparently his name is Philip, though he didn’t feel the desire to tell us that before last night) rather recklessly decided during the last 15 minutes of the particular movie we were viewing, to become an emancipated spirit, unbound to the slavery of playing our favourite DVD’s time and time again, at our every whim.

As much as we attempted to convince it otherwise, it would not agree to resume it’s former life. And hence took our DVD hostage, until we relented, opened Philip up with intense surgery, and allowed his spirit, or whatever it is that inhabits an electronic to give it life free of it’s circuit boards and metal cage, and then we wiggled our DVD from the lifeless cold clutches of the machine. One less thing to pack.

I made a few more of the weekend bags, as I’ve decided to term the design. I’ve just posted one in my etsy shop.

I'm excited about this bag, I love it. It's so hard to sell something that you labour over, and I have a weakness for bags anyway. I've named it after the Hebrew word Selah, it's one of my favorite words and I think it suits the style and look of this bag well. Check out the bag here for more info.
Have a happy Wednesday!


aliceinparis said...

Hiya, your bags are cool. I saw that you tried to join the etsy atlantic street team. The person to email is DangerousMezzo, she's the admin but might be away on vacation. I think there is a link on the site.
Cheers, Shelagh

Crystal Card said...

Thanks Alice, I did email the address provided by the site. She may be on holidays, I'll wait another while, just incase. Thanks!