Monday, August 11, 2008

New Creations

I’ve really been putting a little more effort into my etsy site.
It’s truly exciting when I log in and realize I’ve sold one of my creations to someone in a far off location, though most purchases get shipped to the US or Canada (I’ve yet to actually sell something off of the North American continent, and yet I still dream).
I took yesterday to create two new patterns for my bags, I hope to show case them soon.
Here’s a sneak peak of one;

I’ve been trying to figure out a good name for it, seeing as I hope to be making a lot of these.
It may not appear to be true in the photo, but this is one large-put-everything-in-it-take-it-on-the-weekend-or-pile-a-load-of-books-in-it-and-drag-it-off-to-class-bag.
The opening at the top is 12.5-13 inches. The opening to the base of the bag, is 14.5-15 inches, the span of the base of the bag is a happy 18.5-19 inches. The width of the strap is a comfortable 1.5 inches and a length of 28 inches. If you’re medium to small frame you can actually put this bag across your shoulder and under your arm.
I’m in love. I can only regret that I didn’t have one like this, or the mind to make myself one when I was going from class to class and living in the library during my time at University.
I found some fantastically soft corduroy, black, brown and a beautiful vibrant red. I can’t wait to start cutting and sewing and shaping it into something useful.
In other news, looks as though my husband and I will be relocating: which is both devastating and thrilling at the same time. I hate to leave all of the beautiful people I’ve met here, but am looking forward to diving into the unknown once again. The house we’ll be living in is much larger then our current accommodations, which mean’s I’ll be securing my very own ‘studio/office’ area, to the relief of myself and poor Ryan who has very little room to live seeing my fabric and I take up most of the space here.

On another note, I'm happy to announce that 'The Goods' are being sold in two stores, the Downhome Shoppe on Water St in St. John's and Aloha Tans on Topsail Rd in St. John's.

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