Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm Moving

Seem's like it's been 'the' topic lately. Quite sorry to bore you, I guess seeing my world is in chaos with boxes and too small a place to actually have those boxes, I have little else to rant about. But alas, it's actually here (almost). My husband goes to pick up the truck tomorrow morning, we have a few people coming to help us lug the boxes up the steps on our deck (we're in a basement apartment) and onto our U-Haul. We then make the 12 hour drive to our new town.
I took the time to inform my shop/customers/viewers that I'll be away from etsy for a few days. I hope it's sufficient, and does the trick without 'sending people away.'

Obviously, I want people to come back. I hope to get the Internet man out on Wednesday, but they're always fickle, so it may be Thursday, and heaven forbid Friday! I'll try to communicate my desperation and dire need over the phone.

We had to say goodbye to some terrific people today.
The hardest thing is saying goodbye to fantastic girls like these, and others that I really wish I'd had a group picture with.

Oddly enough, the oldest person pictured (myself) is almost the shortest (in the white). I get mistaken for a teen all the time. (I know, I know, it'll pay off when I'm 40 and still look 20ish?).
These girls, and several others, are my duckies, and I'll always love them and be available to them, even if its not in person. It's amazing how mature and gifted each of them are, I can only imagine the great things they'll all accomplish (I'm tearing up thinking about it).

A few more loose items to pack, and try to get the coffee out of my system and force myself to sleep. Early rise tomorrow, and a looong drive.

I'll be back, pray that the Internet fairies are good to me! Thanks for reading!!


BeadBrat Originals said...

Safe a speedy move!

So the girls. are they neighbors, or what?

Crystal Card said...

(who, the wonders of dial up internet.. I'll post a reply here, seeing I don't think this connection will make it past another page or two to load)

Thanks so much Beadbrat.
My husband is a youth pastor, and I plan a lot of events and things (like tea parties, and girls nights) for the girls who're a part of his ministry. So these are some of the girls that have been a part of that ministry for the last year that we were in that particular community. Awesome teenagers, I'm looking forward to seeing what they accomplish in adulthood. :o)

Bella McBride said...

Good luck with your move! I'll be waiting for your Etsy return!

Banana-head Pancake said...

I hope you have a safe & fun move! and best of luck with the Internet Fairy, not a tame beast, that one.

ourgreatgreenglobe said...

Moving can be challenging! Good Luck!