Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thee Good Things About Fall

EDIT: SUPER exicted about my first treasury! Drop by and let me know what you think!

It always seems as though Sunday is the most exhausting day of the week. The kind of day where you want to have a really fantastic nap, and not the kind where you doze while watching a movie or watching your husband play baseball on his beloved X-Box 360, but one of those naps where your body feels like it’s gone completely lifeless and you wake up having drooled a very embarrassing amount on your pillow.

It's a very beautiful day today, if I weren't so tired I might go out and enjoy it a little.

I made this bag yesterday, as a special Etsy request. I loved the colour combination so much (I’ve a thing for teal and grey) that I cut out extras and will post one on Etsy and another on Facebook within the next day or two.

There are three good things about fall, and only three.
1. It means that hockey seasons is teasingly near
2. Christmas is around the corner (which is fantastic for business), and
3. There’s the scent of loose-leaf paper (crisp and white, waiting), sharpened pencils, brand new books being opened, a life time of knowledge to absorb.

I love school, not High School that wasn’t overly entertaining, but University. Sadly I’m not a part of the atmosphere for the second year in a row, the soft sigh of the study area of the library, the shuffle of feet and the constant crackle of a page as it’s being turned. The smell of books, old and new, lining the shelves. Five floors of books, full of words telling you something you didn’t know before.
Some of the books are written by kooks, those who’re poorly credited in their field of study as dreamers who’ve written wildly sceptical conclusions, and even those are something to treasure. Not because they’re true, but because they exist: because someone thought it, and wrote it, and dreamed it, and because many don’t believe it. It’s a part of history because of that.
The idea of someday being back there, that place of peace and knowledge, excites me. I’ll be the old lady lugging around piles of books from the stacks into the silent area, day after day. Meet me there in 50 years, we’ll get coffee. I’ll be on divide between floor 5 and 6 (if it’s still there then).

Oh, I believe I’ve said too much about my book-wormy-ness. I think my pillow is beckoning to me, or was that a good book. I guess I’d better figure out which it is!


Beki - TheRustedChain said...

That bag is super cute!

And I looooove Fall. It's my favorite season.

Debra said...

I love the treasury!! Cool color and birds.

Unknown said...

The colours on this bag are gorgeous.
Its Spring here, cant wait for a bit of sunshine, but am already missing that autumnal smell.