Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who am I?

Well, after a suggestion in the forums to create a profile for my etsy site, I did. But I wasn't happy with the rushed version, so I threw something new together. I think it reflects me alright.

I’m a 25 year old that could pass for a 14 year old. I get lots of random people walk up to me and ask how old I am. Restaurants hesitate to serve me coffee, theatres won’t let me in to see scary movies, and people talk to me in a high-pitch and dragged out tone while they tilt their heads and smile nicely.

I have a husband, who helps me combat the masses who accuse me of being a child. Though, he’s short and fair faced which makes both of us look like teenage boyfriend and girlfriend who do everything together.

My husband is a pastor for youth, I enjoy being involved in his job and am thankful to Etsy and the other venues I sell through that I can work at home and still have time to do the things I really love. I mostly organize events and fun things for children and teen girls.

I’ve an obsession with coffee and I currently live in a community with no coffee shops (I expect my coffee percolator to sigh of exhaustion and give up living at any time).

I love to read, anything that stretches my mind, and teaches me something new. I’m not a fan of romance books, though I guess I could read one if forced. I like living in another world in novels, not depressing states of this world. I read a lot of non-fiction as well. When it comes to non-fiction, I hate books that say the same things in different ways, or something that tells me something I already know.

When I walk into a fabric store, I HAVE to touch everything.

I get oddly attached to inanimate objects and tend to name them, which only serves to enhance the attachment.

I’m slightly OCD. I love to sing loudly (but not well, my husband is the musical one) and dance around to some of my favourite 80’s tunes (Much to my husbands annoyance). I’ve got a growing dvd collection, I love to buy a range of movies from the classics (An Affair to Remember, anything with Audrey Hepburn) to somewhat newer classics (Indiana Jones) and super hero movies (Fantastic 4, Spiderman, X-Men) along with movies like Oceans and Bourne.

I’m a little too noisy. All while I was growing up, and even now sometimes, I’m embarrassed by my own voice. I talk and talk, and sometimes talk loudly and fast. Some days I’d wake up and tell myself, that today is going to be different, today I’ll be the soft spoken, kind and gentle kind of person that I want to be, a resolve I was never able to keep.

I finished a diaper bag today, I think it's be best one I've done yet, really neat and I think it's very gender nutral. Here's a link to a photo of it, my computer is being weird and won't let me open the "add image" box. I'll be back to edit it in later.

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