Saturday, September 6, 2008

Waiting and Waiting...

Another day… STILL unpacking. I called today to check up on our furniture which was scheduled to be here two weeks ago. They told me it wouldn’t get here till Sept 29th!! Yikes! Looks like we’ll be living out of boxes and suitcases for a while yet. Sigh.

Whoooo.. they heart me, they really heart me! My shop is showing that 100 people have 'hearted' my shop. I know for many 100 isn't a lot, but it's a landmark that can cause happiness!

I’ve a need for shelving, of some kind. I’ve designed a cutting table that my dad is working on building for me, and the ‘legs’ of the table are similar to bookshelves (he’s not exactly sure when he’ll get it finished and have the free time to visit me, he lives 6 hours away). So I was kind of banking on those for storage, now all of my fabric is organized in large Rubbermaid bins, which work somewhat successfully, though it’s a pain to get the fabric in there in such a way that you can easily find everything. My poor ironing board is acting as a cutting table, and shelf as well as its traditional use as an ironing board.

Another day, another bag for Facebook (this one will be uploaded to the group soon).

Sold a bag last night, it’s always thrilling, like winning the lottery. My husband thinks I’m nuts, I run into the living room (or wherever he’s hiding) and jump up and down, spin in a circle and announce my success. Yes, I’m aware I resemble a 5 year old.

It’s a little ‘odd’ to move to a small town, where everyone KNOWS who you are because you’re new and they were somewhat expecting you. They don’t seem too worried that we know that they know who we are. It makes me feel a mixture of amusement and paranoia.

Back to Kenny (the Kenmore sewing machine), I’ve got two diaper bags to finish (YAY for having orders to fill!!)


Anonymous said...

Cute bags! And OMG I saw your pic with your family and I can't beoieve you aren't 20! Man did you ever get lucky in the genes department!

Rock and Fossil Depot said...

Love your totes, they are so cute! Hope your furniture gets here sooner.

Pam said...

Love your bags and 100 hearts well done
I am 1/2 way there and get excited with every heart so I can understand why you are so happy with 100

Debra said...

Nice bag!

Just wanted to let you know I gave you and your blog an award. Please check out my blog for details.

Happy Sunday!

Unknown said...

I got to your blog through Debra...I am going to link it on mine =) I will also heart you!! I finally got to one hundred and celebrated...I have one sale and it was like you said "hitting the lottery" validating!